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Browse the calendar listings to find blues shows on now and every day! Click the show title to view a description with times/dates and link to the show/station website which will open in a new window (where available) so you won't lose this page. Note that show times are displayed as GMT (London, UK), but actual broadcast time along with the relevent country of origin are (usually) provided in the description.

Whilst we endeavour to keep these listings up to date, we have no control over 3rd party sites and shows may be cancelled or re-scheduled by the presenter or station. Please let us know if you find any discrepancies!

For ease of use, the listings have been allocated coloured icons. Use the World Clock to work out show times in other areas

Blue House = Online radio show/station operating 24/7
Red Heart = UK (yes it is part of Europe but as we are a UK site it made sense to highlight it!)
Blue Star = Europe
Palm Tree = Australia & New Zealand
Green Star = Canada (yes it is part of the America's .. but felt it deserved it's own icon)
Yellow Star = Asia
Orange Star = North, South America and USA (everywhere but Canada!)
Red Star = Africa
Blue Plane = Russia (spans Europe and Asian continents so has a seperate icon)
Purple Star = Antartica


All the old show links have now been transferred to the Blues Radio Show Schedular above. Some shows are open to submissions from blues bands so it's worth reading the descriptions or visiting the site to see their criteria. Various others may have been discontinued or moved to a new station, but may have podcasts whilst other links are sites containing useful blues radio show information which we feel may be of interest so they have been listed below for ease of use.

Blue Power
Educating through entertainment this Blues & Jazz site has been on the net since 1995 with current and archived blues music and live interviews with blues legends Ike Turner, Walter Trout, B.B. King, Little Milton, Robert Nighthawk and many others. Their goal is to provide information and entertainment to those folks who love the Blues and Jazz.

Bob Dylan's Theme Time
BBC Radio 2, FM 88-90.2 For the first time in the UK, on BBC Radio 2, listeners will be able to hear Theme Time Radio Hour, Bob Dylan's critically-acclaimed XM Satellite Radio show every evening at 7pm. Tracks include a mixed bag of music including folk and blues. The show is no longer aired, but you can still listen to previous shows on podcasts.

Bluespower Radio Show
broadcasting from Argentina with radio stories and tours of the blues. There does not appear to be a schedule or show date/time listings, but the site is updated with audio and downloads. Although these are in Argentinian, the site may be browsed in any language by using the drop down translate box provided.

Blues Train Radio
a weekly blues show hosted by Marc Frijlink on Radio Meppel 106.2 FM air and 104.1 FM cable in Meppel, Netherlands. Listen in every Friday night from 7pm till 8pm and Sunday night from 8pm till 9 pm, Tuesday night from 12am till 1am and Thursday night from 9pm till 10pm for interviews with well known blues musicians and great blues music. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the sites are online, I was unable to find any listings for the show on Radio Meppel and the last playlist is way out of date - this show may have been discontinued or moved to a new station. Please let us know!

Chicago Blues X-plosion
WJKL-FM 94.3. Chicago. Dedicated to bringing great blues to music lovers around the world including local content. The show is broadcast via uStream, however, the last broadcast appears to have been on 28 November 2011 so may have been discontinued.

Hosted by Larry Lowe broadcasting blues, jazz, big band, swing, country and gospel. Artists music is accepted, read the full requirements Here. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the site is online, links to the schedules and listen now links to shows are broken - this show may have been discontinued or moved to a new station. Please let us know!

DJ Greek
UK Blues DJ who offers an online blues/rock show which airs on No schedule is available.

Dr Tams Bag of Blues from The Carradale Delta" on Argyll FM, 106.5, 107.1, 107.7FM, local radio out of Campbeltown, West Coast of Scotland on Saturday nights, 9.00pm - 11pm. Blues from the get-go up till now. IMPORTANT NOTE: No listing for this show is displayed online, it may have been discontinued. Please let us know!

EL AUTOBLUES is a weekly two hour program devoted to the world of blues.  Broadcast on RADIO ECONOMIA (FM 104.8) which covers most of the Basque Country (Bizkaia and Cantabria) (Spain)., the show is aired every Sunday at around 6 to 9 PM, entirely repeated every wednesday betwen 11 AM & 1 PM. All the blues styles are played and the station controller has requested submissions, new releases as well as rough cuts, CDs, press releases or any other material you consider of any interest. Send stuff or contact
Radio Economía 104,8 FM
Mail Address:
C/Henao, 13 - 4 Plta
48009 BILBAO
Bizkaia, Spain
elautoblues@gruporgu.com IMPORTANT NOTE: I was unable to find any recent listings for the show or the station - this show may have been discontinued or moved to a new station. Please let us know!

Gospel Memories
The Best Spiritual and Gospel Oldies Program in Chicago hosted by Bob Marovich airs Saturdays 10am - 11am CST on WLUW 88.7 FM - Independent Community Radio and via live webcast at www.wluw.org The Chicago Sound Alliance.

King Biscuit Records
Helena, Arkansas, USA. The radio show has been discontinued but there are hundreds of free concerts available from Wolfgangs Concert Vault.

ODP link to Arts: Music: Styles: Blues: Radio

Roots Music Report
USA and International roots radio airplay charts.