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Accordion / Accordian

animated accordianThe Accordion started out it's life as a portable bellows organ named the Handaoline which was improved upon in 1829 and called the akkordion, both instruments were developments of the mouth organ (harmonica) and worked on the principle of air being blown in and sucked out through the reeds by the bellows with notes obtained by pressing buttons. Various adaptions have since been made to the simple bellows system including a hexagonal concertina and substitution of a keyboard for the buttons on the right hand side of the instrument, hence the name piano accordion.

Popular in Folk, Irish, Cajun, R & B and Zydeco music, the Accordion has appeared on many well known recordings including Shakin' Stevens 'Julie', Dusty Springfield's 'How Can I Be Sure' and The Band's 'Rocking Chair'. The Melodian is a form of Diatonic Accordian.

harmoniumThe Harmonium belongs to the accordion family and is powered by the fanning of air through a concertina fan. The air is blown out by bellows through separate reeds, which are thin plates of metal tuned to each individual note. Every note has its own reed inside the box of the harmonium.

Accordion & Concertina

32 Key/60 Bass Accordion ABS Case by Gear4music
The 32 Key/60 Bass Accordion ABS Case by Gear4music is an ideal accessory for any player wishing to protect, transport or store their instrument. Featuring a hard shell exterior with metal edges and corner plates, this accordion case will withstand knocks and scratches. The interior is lined with a substantial padding and plush lining to protect the instrument. Two lock catches make the case secure and safe when stored.

AccordionAccordion with Hardshell Carry Case by Gear4music
An excellent instrument, ideal for any beginner or intermediate player. The quality of the Accordion by Gear4music shines through with a fantastic full sound across its bass and treble range. A pearloid design, leather strap and hardshell carry case help finish our design in style.

ConcertinaConcertina with Bag by Gear4music
The Concertina by Gear4music in the key of C and G is a compact version of an accordion with buttons on either side of the instrument. Suitable for traditional classical and folk music, this 30 note Anglo style concertina has a authentic sound that projects well. The concertina also includes two adjustable hand straps and a sturdy wooden frame. Also included with the concertina is a fabric zip-up bag.

Roland FR-1X Red Piano-Type V-AccordionRoland FR-1X Red Piano-Type V-Accordion at Gear4Music
These compact, lightweight models offer the same flexibility and portability as their popular FR-1 predecessors, but add significant features, including USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. With new-generation speakers onboard and an expanded 7-segment/3-character display, the FR-1x Piano type and FR-1x Button type set a powerful standard for a small lightweight accordion.

Roland FR-8x Black AccordionRoland FR-8x Black Button Type V-Accordion at Gear4Music
Designed for professional players and includes built-in speakers and a rechangeable battery, enabling you to take your music anywhere. There are also 180 orchestral and percussion sounds, plus the ability to add effects and record your performance using the onboard looper. Tradition and technology combine with the FR-8X, a button-type digital accordion that plays and sounds like an acoustic, powered by a range of sounds from around the world.

Accordian Tab & Lessons

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