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Marketing & Promotion

Wether you are starting out, booking gigs or aiming for a deal, it is important to look at your marketing and promotion strategy.

Creating an identifying image doesn't mean everyone has to wear a uniform or dress the same (unless you want to that is!), but consideration should be given to suiting the name of the act to the music and designing a logo or graphic that reflects the image and helps people to immediately recognise who you are .... Think of all the great bands whose name also produces a visual impact.... like Led Zepplin's chunky writing and exploding zepplin graphic, Metallica's 3D winged effect or the lips and tongue ... yep that's gotta be .. Rolling Stones!

Relying on word of mouth to build a fanbase or gain media / a&r attention is not enough, it is important to keep people informed - flyers and mailshots listing venue, date and contact details can make the difference between having a great audience.... or none at all !

Advertising your website and contact details on business cards, stationary, correspondence etc., does not have to cost a fortune and are easy to produce on a home computer.

Providing publicity materials like posters for agents, venues, promoters to use, will not only help to advertise your latest gig but also allow you to retain control over your identifying image.

Selling CD's and other merchandise sporting your logo or image at your gigs, website and online retailer doesn't have to cost a fortune - with services like CafePress, anyone can create customised products to sell in their own shop without the hassle of bulk purchase, manufacturing, merchant accounts or credit card checking !

Designing and building a website is an excellent way of promoting your music, informing fans and showcasing your talents to potential bookers, agents and A&R. If your worried about the cost, think again, many sites offer free websites for musicians, some with streaming audio and shopping cart services.

These are just a few ideas on the subject which has been covered more extensively in the Vocalist Marketing Articles section, which also covers airplay, demo's, publishing, creating press kits, merchandising and links to sites where you can upload your music or have your own website .......