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US Supplier of Sheet Music, Digital Sheet Music, Music Minus One, Music Books


Musical Instrument and Public Liability Insurance for UK Musicians


UK retailer of Musical Instruments, PA Systems, Recording and Accessories

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Latest Events
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Latest Events
UK Supplier of Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, Gifts and Accessories

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Instruments, Accessories & Equipment

We receive so many requests for product information that we have partnered with reputable retailers to provide a small collection of effects, instruments, equipment and other accessories for convenience. We like these companies for their secure online shopping, wide range of products and reasonable pricing. They also ship to a wide range of countries. Using these links to purchase goods also helps keep the site free ;-)

Miniature, half and full size bagpipes plus practice chanters

Banjos, banjo bags, cases, capos and strings

Bass Guitar & Double Bass
Bass guitars, Double Basses, amps, effects, pickups, slides, leads, rosin, straps, tuners and other accessories

Bassoon reeds, accessories, care and maintenance products

Blues related gifts and products

Acoustic and electric Cellos, cello cases, rosin, stands, strings, tailpieces.

Clarinets, stands, cases, mouthpieces, reeds and other accessories

DJ Equipment
DJ Equipment including turntables, cd players, mixers, speakers, effects, headphones and other accessories

Drum kits & Percussion
Drum kits, percussion instruments, cymbals, stools, sticks, gloves, heads, software

Effects and Processors
Analogue and digital outboard Effects and Processors including reverb, compressors, eq, crossovers, decoders, patchbays, limiters, fx.

Flight Cases
Flight cases, carry bags and accessories for Gigging Musicians

Flutes & Piccolos
Flutes, piccolos, accessories, care and maintenance products

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, amps, effects, pickups, slides, leads, straps, tuners and other accessories

Harmonicas and reed plates in all keys, harp handles, care and maintenance kits.

Horns - Baritone & Euphonium
Baritone Horns, Euphoniums, stands, mouthpieces, care and maintenance products.

Horns - Flugel, French, Tenor
French Horns, Tenor Horns, Flugel Horns, Mutes, Mouthpieces, Care, Maintenance and Accessories

Musical instrument and equipment insurance for musicians

Keyboards, Organs, Pianos, Synths
Keyboards, Organs, Pianos, Synths plus amps, bags, benches, care and maintenance products, cases, dust covers, effects, pedals, software, stands, stools, style disks

Mandolins, mandolin bags, cases, capos and strings

clockwork metronomes, digital metronomes, electronic metronomes, quartz metronomes.

Microphones, mic stands, leads, cables and miscellaneous accessories

Miscellaneous accessories including Batteries, Cables, Leads, Power Packs, Gaffa Tape.

Mixing Desks & Mixers
Mixing desks, mixers, powered mixers, recording consoles, carry bags and other accessories

Music Books and Audio Books
Music Books index for all instruments including sheet music books, instructional and educational books with accompanying audio/video, chord books.

Music Stands
Music stands, conductors stands and headphones

Oboe reeds, stands, gauze, powder paper, cleaning swab, mop, pull through, cleaning paper and tone hole cleaners.

Pan Pipes
12, 15 and 18 hole pan pipes.

Power Amplification
Power amps, amp stands, preamplifers,

Alto, bass, descant, tenor, treble recorders, recorder bags, wool mops and recorder cream.

Saxophones, sax mouthpieces, reeds, straps, crooks, stands, cases, music lyres, ligatures, caps, care and maintenance products

Sounds, samples, loops and music creation software

P.A. speakers, monitors, poles, stands and speaker tote bags.

Trombones, mutes, mouthpieces, stands, music lyres, care and maintenance products

Trumpets & Cornets
Trumpets, Cornets, Mutes, Mouthpieces, Care, Maintenance and Accessories

Tuba mutes, mouthpieces, stands, cables, lyres, oil, care and maintenance products

Ukeleles, ukelele bags, cases, capos and strings

Violas & Violins
Violas, violins, strings, tailpieces, pegs, chin rests, rosin, paste, bridges

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