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recorder Many people do not consider the recorder to be a serious musical instrument although it is often the first instrument taught to children and has been used in folk music for centuries. It is light, easy to carry and produces a wide range of melodious notes.

The recorder is a hollow tube that is played by passing air through the mouthpiece whilst notes are produced by blocking and unblocking holes placed along its length.

Traditionally made from wood, recorders can also be made of plastic and come in many sizes.  Wooden recorders are far superior in sound quality are far sturdier and require little maintenance. Unlike some other wind instruments, the recorder does not use a reed or other moving part in the mouthpiece to produce sound. Similar wind instruments include ocinara, flute and tin whistles.

Popularly used in Folk, Classical and Pop music the recorder is a versatile and easy instrument for complete beginners to learn with relative ease.


Recorder Digits 2.85
Recorder Digits by Richard Hureau is a Windows program that displays recorder fingerings for alto, soprano/tenor, and bass recorders. By default, the program displays all standard and alternate fingerings. It can also display trills, turned trills, and two different varieties of advice for beginners. It can produce text and word-processor-format (RTF) reports showing the fingerings (with recorder pictures on the RTF report). The program has a powerful recorder description language which can be used to change the program's display. This is done via external files which are then loaded into the program. There is extensive documentation for this language in the included Help files. Recorder Digits comes supplied with 4 external files, one showing normal trills for all notes, another showing turned trills for all notes, and another 2 intended for beginners - Beginner and Beginner2. These files are easily loaded using special entries on the File menu, and new with version 2.85, via the Quickload buttons. Visit Recorder Digits for more information or to download.