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Samples, Loops & Software

Songwriters, dj's and musicians can spend hours working on a small section of a song just to get the right 'bass sound' or 'funky beat' for their masterpiece.  Building a collection of sound samples, loops and beats saves the hassle of searching on the internet or starting from scratch when all you want to do is create!! This sometimes leads to the theft of popular riffs and beats from existing popular songs without permission or payment of royalties to the artist, leading to litigation.

Sound samples are essential for writers and dj's who are unable to play or read music and for experienced musician/programmers who are building a sound library and need a killer riff or drum pattern. There are a huge amount of samples offered in the public domain, free or provided royalty free for a small fee that make it easy for anyone to use and create their own unique and original tracks making it unnecessary to breach other peoples copyright.

Browse our small assortment of sound libraries, collections and software for music makers plus links to FREE sounds, samples, loops & wav (all links open in a new window).


How You Can Clear Cover Songs, Samples, and Handle Public Domain Works article by ASCAP

Hip Hop SampleFaq
Interactive Hip Hop Sample Directory answers questions about music sampling like 'Where have I heard that beat before?' and 'Where did that MC/DJ/Pop star get that beat from?' A wide range of styles are covered including Rap, Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Comedy, Film, etc.

Samples, Sounds & Software
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95 bpm Industrial Techno Pack
95 bpm Industrial Techno Pack is a collection of very rare and special industrial techno samples and loops. The product is the fruit of Lucid's great effort and inspiration put into his own industrial projects, and its presence is marked by the artistic approach and a feeling of 'movement' in the music. These samples are a blend of originality, charisma and utmost quality. There is no doubt that they are one of the most accomplished and best-sounding products we offer. This sample pack enables you to create complete techno, industrial, industrial electro (and other) tunes. We prepared some ready-made drum loops, bass lines, synthetic lines, powerful drum sounds, backgrounds and sound effects so that you can create multi-layered pieces of music exclusively by means of this bulky sample library. And this is not over yet! The bass and synth lines exist in a number of different versions and some of them are the ones sampled from a variety of instruments. Thanks to this you can develop your music freely and flexibly by adding ever more new layers. Now your music will gain some depth and satisfactory effects. Drum loops come in versions of different advancement level as well! Only think - this isn't yet all we offer you. Cap it all off, you are provided with a variety of dark, mysterious and industrial backgrounds, synthetic sounds, ambience sound effects, distorted, shots, sequence, reverse, sweep, kicks and powerful drum sounds; all of this stuff in service of your creativity.
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Acoustica RnB Loops and Samples [Download]
Part of the Acoustica Loop Series, RnB Loops and Samples is a collection of 3.9gb of modern electronic Rhythm n' Blues music content created by a talented roster of producers at Soundtrack Loops. Includes 1147 clean cut, razor sharp, beautifully sounding, professional loops and one-shot samples. Recorded, mixed and mastered by old school, cutting-edge industry veterans with expertise in the world of digital music setting royalty free loops industry standards for decades. Content features seductively produced, smooth, sexy, electric vibes, heart-wrenching dance-floor infectious grooves and beats. Take it to the next level! Mix it up! Go deep! Go RnB!
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Blues and Boogie DrummerPack
The Blues & Boogie Drum Core expansion pack from Drums On Demand is especially suited for guitar-based projects, Blues N Boogie (based on the previously released Drums-On-Demand Vol. 9 title) offers a wide variety of classic blues, rock shuffles and rock blues drum loops appropriate for pop, rock and country projects. With everything from straight 4/4s to 12/8 shuffles, the 21 super-deep Groove Sets evoke everything from the wide open blues of the Texas plains to the smoky stages of the Chicago blues clubs. A fat snare, natural - sounding kick, and deep and dampened toms are presented in a clean and present mix. A consistent sound across the entire volume makes mixing and matching between Groove Sets easier than ever. Note that this Drummer Pack contains audio loops and MIDI drum kits. There are no MIDI grooves. Includes rock, pop, blues and country styles. Recorded by Drums On Demand and manufactured by Sonoma Wire Works. Purchase this product to use these drum recordings in your songs royalty free. Requires Drum Core 2.5 or 3. Included are two new Drum Core MIDI kits based on a DW maple kit. These have a deep, robust and dry, dampened sound. The main kit features 12, 14 and 16 toms with a 22 kick drum and 6-1/2 x 14 Yamaha oak snare. Cymbals include 15 K Zildjian Hats, 22 K Zildjian High Definition Ride, 19 , 18 and 17 Sabian evolution crashes plus a 20 Wunhan China.
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Blues Guitar Loops & Samples [Download]
A plethora of downloadable blues guitar loops and samples including clean guitar, muted guitar, rock riffs, loops, funky blues, jazzy blues, screaming blues, dirty blues, 4 bar blues rock, wah rock, standard blues, guitar licks, rock and roll, heavy delay and reverb loops, blues rockabilly, guitar slides, grooves, guitar scales, sweet blues.
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Blues Guitar: Paul Black's Whiskey Cigarettes & Gumbo Loop Library
Sony Creative Software presents the Paul Black: Blues Guitar collection - a blues guitar masterpiece. Enter the gold mine of authentic, traditional blues: deep delta stylings and scorching urban riffs, rich with tone and character. We locked out world-class Smart Studios to faithfully capture the essence of Paul's celebrated slide and fingerstyle work, using the finest vintage instruments and amplifiers. Then we distilled his riffs and licks down to a fine mash.
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eJay Sound Collection 4 CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
A perennial problem faced by cyber DJs is finding suitable music samples for their DIY creations. With this CD-ROM, which contains a virtually inexhaustible library of 7,500 'special samples' all ably recorded by professional musicians, such problems should be pretty much at an end. The idea is simple and versatile enough. You load up the first CD, and with what comes with your integral Soundbrowser, a search engine which neatly and efficiently guides you to the various loops, strums, chimes, yowls, and samples stored in each of the other CDs. The samples are filed under their instrumental or stylistic characteristics (like techno, "rap male", Brit Pop, and drum-roll). One tiny hitch is that you have to own a Sound Collection CD-ROM (this one plus volumes 1, 2 and 3) packages to be able to access all the samples; but anyone keen enough to be recording their own music presumably won't mind that. All the samples are 'royalty-free. All are compatible with any mainstream music software program. So all you've got to do is slide in, sort through, sit back, and with the sound turned right up (the sound quality ranges from fair to good), you'll be annoying the entire neighbourhood in two shakes of a lap-dancer's tail. --Sean Thomas.

The fourth edition in the eJay Sound Collection Series once again contains a gigantic selection of hand-picked sounds and loops. Just as with the previous three collections in the series, our professional musicians have created over 7,500 special samples exclusively for eJay. As always: top quality sounds and 100 percent compatible with all music software programs. In addition to Chill Out, Garage, Hip-Hop, Latin, Trance, Euro, Brit Pop and even Alternative Sounds, these four CDs hold a hidden even Alternative Sounds, these four CDs hold a hidden treasure that will turn any party into a liberal dance inferno: 2,500 samples collectively called "The Sound of Parades"--Progressive House, Tech House, Trance, Hard Trance and Techno produced with real Love Parade flair! Mix the kind of tunes that everyone around the world was dancing to this summer.
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Sonoma Wire Works ZoroPack I DrummerPack
The ZoroPack I DrummerPack is a DrumCore expansion pack featuring Zoro (Lenny Kravitz). Funky, spicy, tasty - you just gotta write somethin ! Monster grooves from Zoro, the drums behind Lenny Kravitz and Bobby Brown. Zoro is a walking encyclopedia of drum styles, having written the popular Commandments of R&B Drumming: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul, Funk & Hip-Hop instructional DVD series. This pack is perfect for producers, composers, and musicians who want a huge number of funky grooves that lend themselves to R&B, hip-hop, and pop song styles. Audio is 48kHz/24 bit, and includes both audio and MIDI grooves. Content comes pre-indexed with DrumCore metadata so it makes it easy to find that perfect groove. From the classic 60-70s rock, Zoro has always delivered the groove with maximum soul. DrumCore GrooveSets provide inspiring building blocks for your song and give you a basic groove plus variations and fills at many tempos. Some with over 20 variations in one tempo! Most include sidestick (SS), hihat, ride, and no-kick (NK) versions. Start with sparse sidestick, add snare for the second verse and nail the chorus with a ride pattern. Also included are MIDI beats and drumkit recordings to use for extra hits or making your own beats. Purchase this product to use these drum recordings in your songs royalty free. Requires DrumCore 2.5 or 3.
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Soundpool DVD Collection 20 (PC/Mac)
Finally, a library where you are guaranteed that no one will insist on silence: The new Sound Library from MAGIX. MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 20 offers more than 6 GB of specially designed sounds & loops, allowing you to take your music projects, remixes, and audio productions to the next level. This top-quality collection of sounds covers almost every music genre and can be used in combination with any music software. Over 8000 new sounds in professional studio quality. All audio files in lossless WAV format (16-bit/44.1 kHz / Stereo). License-free, royalty-free content for non-commercial use only. Well organized categories for easy sound selection. Compatible with all music software on Mac and PC
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Software & Samples

Easy-to-use FREE digital audio recorder, editor and mixer software available for Windows, MAC and Linux OS allowing users to create professional quality audio productions on their computer.

The Breaks
Want to know which bands have been sampled? Who has used snippets of other artists songs in their tracks? Take a look at this extensive database of recycled music.

Professional Sample Libraries in Wav/Rex2 and other formats, wide range of genres, one of the few that include BLUES samples and loops with free previews and much more.

Modern Beats
Bass, brass, drum, guitar, keyboard, acid Loops for modern club, dance and hip hop music production. Customers may also upload their music for submission to record labels free.

Sample Libraries at Amazon UK
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includes ethnic, jazz, rock, classical and progressive samples.

Free Samples, Sounds & Loop Sites

There are several magazines in the UK who include free samples and loops on their CD's. Most popular are Sound on Sound, Computer Music Interactive, and most of the Future Music range.

The following sites provide free downloadable samples, sounds and loops and/or links to sample sites.